Price for best restored boat.

If a 10-foot cross. It is very special and beautiful is now completely restored. The name has from Kipling's "If". The wooden boat festival 2007, the "If 3" award for best restored boat yard. late autumn of 2005, we received If your order totalrestau-ding - a big job that has passed several stages. Now the boat is ready for the second stage and restoration work If set amongst the beautiful sailboats in Grimstad port when the owner is not enjoying life at sea in the archipelago. vessel was designed by Christian Jensen from the foundation of Asker and built by Soon Release and boat builder in 1938. The same year it was built just five boats at the yard (including Mobella and Tamara) in addition to 12 is Eileen Winter 2005/2006 boat has had new steel mortgage, new keel, and skin of oregon pine. The boat is now finished inside and has pått new galley, queen cabin and the restored lounge decor shines as when it was new.

If Three

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