Port Huron Project

2014 - Here he goes again!
Starboard side has a few more planks added (May 23rd)


Port Side


Looks as if he's doing something with the "steering thingy!" Rudder hardware appears to be spread out on top of it. Or he is using it as a workbench


Here's a look inside of the bilge. There's really a lot going on in there


Saw this in Port Huron some time in March 2013. 


As I visited Port Huron on return trips I could see there was some progress being made! Here she is in July 2013.


And, in November 2013. You can see he has moved up a couple boards!



Awesome ship. I've never seen anything like it with those overhangs. Have to stop and ask if it's Norwegian if I can ever catch him working on it.