Shrink Wrapping

Here's Bob (on a raft) shrink wrapping the boat


Sailing Days

These were taken approximately 1994 on Lake St. Clair


First Contact!

Big news! We got a contact from a previous owner's sister and daughter. Actually, it's Susan Hinsby the daughter of owner Floyd Hinsby and Floyd sold Tamara to his son Pat so she is the daughter and sister of the two directly preceding owners. Current owner Bob Wilkop bought the boat from Pat.

Wow,  and she has pictures of Tamara in it's prime sailing days on Lake St Clair and we're sure stories will abound.


Really looks like it's going somewhere!

It's got a deeper keel than most. Even other boats built at the same era. "Enables it to be under full sail without reefing in the strong summer winds down on the south coast of Norway" as it says here

Sorry, I had to call this post "First Contact" after watching the Star Trek First Contact movie last night.




New Engine!

Actually, engine and transmission.

Big step! And expensive. Craig went all the way to Toronto for the engine.








Spring Cleaning

Actually, this happened in January not Spring, but Bob and Craig got out there during a warm break and did some pressure washing and, well, some more pressure washing and general cleaning up.



Also, the engine is lunched. Craig starts looking for another one.




Here's Captain Craig about a foot and a half out of the water and tied to the dock to keep from falling over. Not worried though.