Royal Norwegian Racing Yacht

Long, sleek and truly a thing of beauty, she has the classic lines of a Royal Norwegian Racing Yacht. The dream is to see her sailing Lake St. Clair again. Just needs some love right now.

The design, by Christian Jensen, one of the most famous Norwegian yacht designers, is a refinement of a smaller racing design and is basically an International Ten Metre Class racing boat, or 10mR, modified for more comfortable cruising. It was built in the prestigious Jensen shipyard, Soon Norway, and launched in 1938. One of the last few boats built before the war. This is the story we have passed down from owner to owner. Floyd Hinsby to Pat Hinsby to Bob Wilkop.

There were five ships built to the same design of which the other four are all restored!

All beautiful boats!

This ship has a fantastic history of racing in the first Trans-Superior race (the scratch boat) in 1969 and Chicago - Mackinac/Port Huron - Mackinac many times. Previous owner Floyd Hinsby is an honored Mackinac Island "Old Goat" having completed the Port Huron to Mackinac race more than 25 times. And, it has crossed the Atlantic and sailed to Florida. 

We also have heard the ship was built for His Royal Highness Olav, the Crown Prince of Norway. And there's no doubt the prince had many boats built for him. One example being the yacht Noreine. We know he was an avid racer. He ascended to the throne as King of Norway in 1957. Here the king is seen walking in the boatyard at Soon Norway that same year.

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Presently docked on the Clinton River in Mt Clemens and awaiting/undergoing restoration.

Bob Wilkop 248.688.2967